Employee Outsourcing

Outsourcing relieves employers of the complexities associated with HR tasks, which are onerous in nature. Compliance with labor laws and sector-specific regulations is complex and often presents pitfalls with costly consequences. We offer an end-to-end service for HR, payroll, benefits administration and management of your employees. Where desired, employees are issued with contracts in our name thereby transforming the engagement to an arms-length service providing the desired flexibility.

Some key elements of our outsourcing services include:

  1. Recruitment, Pre-screening, Selection, and Outplacement
  2. Verification of Background References
  3. Records Maintenance including Leave, Bonus, Medical and Benefits
  4. Processing of Salaries, Salary Advances, Bonuses, Encashment of Leave and Terminal Dues
  5. Remittance of Statutory Payments; Pay As You Earn (PAYE), National Social Security Fund (NSSF) National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), Workman’s Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) and other statutory tax dues if any
  6. Providing guidelines for Employees’ Individual Income Tax Returns
  7. Managing Medical Benefits
  8. Attrition Management
  9. Maintaining Employee Social Welfare
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