Payroll management

We provide flexible corporate payroll services, which improve payroll management for employers across all sectors. We handle the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing and employee payroll tax filing, freeing up resources so that employers can focus on what they do best. Our human resource management software enables us to process employee salaries electronically, manage and maintain pertinent payroll records and provide HR dashboards among other oversight tools.

Our services Incorporate an HR Application with Self Service Capabilities for Employees, such as:

  • Emailing of payslips
  • Leave application
  • Overtime recording
  • Application for salary advance
  • Application for loan
  • Submit own personal data (PIN, ID, Passport Photo, Bank details< Next of Kin) for approval
  • Configure access to company directory
  • Performance appraisal
  • Training scheduling and management
  • Asset management (requisitioning, approval and return of company assets used by employees
  • Onboarding and Exit tasks
  • Company asset tracking and management
  • Advanced HR reports in tabular and graphical formats
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