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What is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process is often expensive and organisations cannot sustain a high turnover. Finding the right candidate for a position is daunting and time consuming. Here’s how we ensure you get the right employees for your business.

  1. Finding and Identifying – By utilising our large database, adept research skills and industry contacts we attract and identify potential hires fitting your business’ needs. At The Manpower Company we’ve found adopting a holistic approach to the identification process is the best method to recognise great talent for your organisation.
  1. Interviewing and selecting – Curating the list of candidates is the next step to filling your employee deficit. Focusing on industry specific culture, requirements and technical knowledge we interview, conduct reference checks and shortlist the list of potential hires on your behalf.
  1. Presentation and decision – The last step in the process is presenting you with our final selection of candidates for hire. You conduct the final interview and decide on the successful applicant based on their compatibility with your requirements. Negotiations ensue and paper work is finalised. Time to celebrate.

Our agility and experience allows us to recruit across industries and cover you business’ full range of needs.

Did you know you can also submit an open position for posting on our site? Fill in our form here and we’ll upload it on your behalf.

Resources to help with your recruitment Journey:


Any CEO or director worth their salt will tell you human resource is the ultimate resource. Skilled workers are an asset for any business. They play a large role in setting you apart from your competition, develop your business's reputation and maintain its ongoing success.

TMC | How to Hire an Intern | TMC Organisational Development

An intern is a trainee who signs on with an organisation to gain some work experience, or for a course requirement and/or, to get a general feel of the industry they are interning in. Contrary to popular belief, interns can play an integral role in growing your company.

How to get hired on the spot

You've done it; you landed that job interview. After all the resumé sprucing and cover letter writing, you finally got the call from HR and your first interview with your dream company is on the books. Now, it's all about getting hired.

Tips for effective recruitment

Effective recruitment generally requires skill, well planned procedures and extensive research to produce high quality hires.


  1. Reach out to your network: Internal recruitment and network referrals are an inexpensive method for finding great candidates. When recruiting internally, candidates are already familiar with the corporate culture and goals of your organisation. Given their success in their old position, is it reasonable to think they’d fail in their new one? Employee referrals are also an underrated source of potential hires. Once again, your employees are familiar with your organisation and likely evaluated their referees against your standards.
  1. Let the results speak for themselves: Ideally look for candidates who’ve performed in a similar environment and role. Past success is a great indication of future success.
  1. Prioritise candidate experience: When advertising and interviewing for an open positions, observe basic etiquette. Take the listing down in good time if you’ve found someone, be timely when conducting interviews and try to give the candidates constructive feedback when rejecting them.
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