Employee Assistance Programs

As an employer, it is easy to forget that employees have lives outside of the workplace and sometimes have troubles and difficulties that they may be dealing with. If an employee is dealing with some personal issues, this may sometimes affect the quality of their work and impact their performance. It is important to ensure that your employees are doing well in order to promote a safe and conducive work environment. Employee wellness is not only geared at preventing work incidents or creating a safe work environment. It is also about supporting the well-being of your employees in both their personal and professional lives. This can be achieved through Employee Assistance Programs. An employee assistance program (EAP) is a work-based intervention program geared towards assisting employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance. In this article we’ll look at some of the benefits of these programs.


Sometimes, an employee’s personal life problems can greatly affect the quality of their work and lead to lower productivity. It is no secret that when productivity suffers, your business suffers. Research has shown that employees who have access to EAP services have a significant increase in work productivity. Aside from boosting company productivity, this will also strengthen morale in the workplace as everyone is in good spirits.


Creating a positive work environment is a key factor in retaining talented employees. A study conducted by the American Health Association found that 51% of employees stay at their jobs due to good relationships with their colleagues. EAPs keep employees productive, present, and happier while on the job. In addition, these programs are especially useful in attracting and retaining millennial employees. This is due to the fact that many millennials are more open to discussions about mental health and will therefore appreciate and make use of these programs.


At some point, every company is bound to encounter some challenges with their employees or with a traumatic event. It is important to be prepared with an EAP in order to handle these challenging situations in order to efficiently resolve the problem. Having a skilled EAP provider will ensure that these issues can be avoided and prevented.


Employees who know that they can count on their employer-provided benefits to help them navigate life’s difficult moments develop a deeper connection with the company and are more engaged and committed to their work. EAPs that provide help for both personal and professional issues are an effective tool for creating a caring and supportive work environment.


When employees are in good health and spirits, they are less likely to miss work. Having EAPs also enable employees to feel supported in their work environment and are more likely to show up and do what they are required to do. This also means that employees do not have to leave work to seek the kind of assistance that EAPs provide elsewhere as it is readily available in the office.

Depending on the specific type of Employee Assistance Program you choose to adopt into your company, you can help your employees deal with a multitude of sensitive issues they may have in their personal lives. Generally, EAP programs work to eliminate the major challenges employees face that compromise the quality of their life as well as their work productivity. Some of these issues include mental health issues, financial concerns, drug and substance abuse as well as relationship problems.

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