Importance of job satisfaction

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.


Job satisfaction refers to how content or satisfied employees are with their jobs. Job satisfaction goes beyond an employee’s daily duties and their satisfaction with their colleagues and managers. It also encompasses the impact their jobs have on their personal lives and whether their work aligns with their own career goals. In addition, the concept of job satisfaction varies from person to person even if these people are working in the same environment. Surveys are often used to determine employee’s job satisfaction. In this article we’ll look at why employee satisfaction is important.


When employees are happy and satisfied with their work the produce better work results. Employees who are happy with their jobs are more focused on their tasks and work hard to ensure the success of the company. This is because they find their work genuinely engaging and hold themselves responsible for achieving organisational goals. In addition, creating a team of employees that demonstrate a strong work ethic establishes high standards for productivity and output that becomes engrained in your company culture.


It is not uncommon for employees to occasionally miss work due to various circumstances such as illnesses and family emergencies. Unsatisfied employees however, may tend to miss work more often due to a lack of motivation and enthusiasm for their work. When employees are satisfied with their jobs, they make an effort to show up because they are authentically satisfied with their work. This improves the company’s output.  Employees who are happy with their jobs are less likely to leave which in turn saves the company time and money which would otherwise be spent on recruiting and training new workers.


Employee loyalty refers to employees’ commitment to the success of the company and the willingness to keep working for said company. It is no secret that employees are among the most valuable resource for all organisations and the longer an employee works for a company the more valuable they are. This is due to their invaluable knowledge and skills as well as tenure acquired from their work and cultural experience. When employees feel that the company they work for supports their goals and interests, they are motivated to work harder and stay on with the company.


Happy employees lead to happy customers. Employees who are happy and satisfied with their jobs lead to customers who are happy and satisfied with your product. This is because employees who are satisfied with their jobs provide better customer service and demonstrate a higher degree of empathy, a key part of customer retention and brand loyalty. In addition, employees who feel that their company has their best interest at heart are more likely to tell their friends about your company and services which further increases the company’s goodwill.


A positive work environment is one where employee safety, growth and development is nurtured and promoted. This environment is conducive because there is mutual respect among colleagues and a hearty desire to achieve a common goal. In order to achieve peak productivity, increase efficiency and job commitment, employers must provide good, safe and healthy working conditions. This in turn leads to an increase in employee satisfaction and branding.

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