It is an ‘unspoken’ tradition at the beginning of every year to come up with a set of New Year resolutions. We sit down, take note of and, examine our lives. We think about what we’d like to change and improve so, we set ambitious goals we hope to achieve at the end of the year. Naturally, the same goes for business owners, company heads and entrepreneurs. These goals often sound like “this is the year my business will take off”, “this is the year we hit that financial goal”, “this is the year we expand”. However, by the time the end of the year rolls around, we look back and we have barely accomplished these goals. Thus re-starting the cycle of putting these goals off for the next year. The thing about goals is that they are just a list of wishes that can only be realised when matched with effort, time and hard work. In this article we’ll look at some of the ways in which you can stay on track and stick to your business and career goals.


Every business owner wants to achieve various financial goals and bring in money from their business. Most especially you want to grow and branch out. You must remember to remain realistic so as to avoid disappointment and quit your race. For instance, set a financial goal based off the profits you made in the previous years and aim to do better. If you’re an entrepreneur just breaking into the business, you could begin by setting small monthly goals that you keep up with. Remember the smaller and more realistic the goal is, the more likely you are to achieve it. The more goals you achieve, the bigger


After setting your business goals, it is important that you keep referring back to them to ensure that you’re still on track. One way to do this is by taking some time during company meetings to address these goals and find out where everyone is in relation to the set goals. This mission driven stratiegy will motivate everyone to work hard towards achieving these goals. Ensure that all your activities are in alignment with your goals and take small steps each day to make sure you follow through. When you make decisions and take action based on your goals, you are more likely to ‘fail forward’.


Sometimes setting goals and actually following through on them can be very difficult especially if we have no one to hold us accountable. Sharing your goals with a trusted individual(s) with a great work ethic and mind-set can be very helpful in this case. This could be family members, friend(s) or even trusted colleague(s). Sharing your goals creates another level of accountability and expectations. The knowledge that other people are aware of your intentions and are there to help you allows you to stay focused on the actions steps. While this trick can be effective, remember you’re the most important componenent. Don’t saddle yourself down with judgements and fears of disappointing your accountability partner. You can’t shame yourself into your dream life!  


When running a business, it often feels like you have to carry the all the weight of ensuring that goals are met. This is not the case. Business or company goals are a team effort. Delegate responsibility to other members of your team and staff – have them set goals based on the main business goal.  You’re more likely to achieve goals by properly delegating tasks in addition, it promotes employee satisfaction by promoting a sense of purpose.


When you finally accomplish your goals – especially the small ones, be sure to treat yourself. Celebrating yourself and your milestones is an important aspect of achieving goals. It boosts your confidence and encourages you to set even more ambitious goals. Motivate yourself by celebrating your journey forward. Making resolutions and sticking to them is no easy feat and so it is essential you appreciate the effort you’re making.

We all have goals and ambitions we hope to accomplish in this new year and that’s fantastic. At the end of the day however, it is up to you to ensure that you stay focused and disciplined enough to achieve your goals. These tips are to make your strategy  more structured but only if you put in the work as well. Hold yourself accountable and have the end goal in mind and you’ll be sure to see some results at the end of the year.