Habits of successful employees

The test for success is subjective because everyone has a different idea of what is means to succeed. Regardless, we can all agree that success is the achievement on one’s goals and dreams. In the work place, success entails advancing in one’s career, being respected by one’s colleagues and being content with one’s work. Here are some habits that successful employees have.


Employees who manage their time well are more productive, more efficient, and more likely to meet deadlines. They focus on the most important and time-sensitive tasks and limit the amount of time wasted on non-essential duties.

Time management is an essential skill for successful employees. When not constantly rushing to meet deadlines, employees who properly manage their time are able to put more effort in to their work and in turn increase the quality of their work.[1]


Self-motivated persistence in acquiring knowledge and improving competency is an important trait to have as an employee. This is an indispensable tool for every employee because it enables one to expand their skill set and broaden the horizon for future opportunities.[2]

The world is constantly changing and new knowledge is constantly evolving the workplace and changing company direction. Employees who make a constant effort to learn new things and keep up with the changing demands of the company are more successful. The ability to learn and progress is the principal driver for most if not all organisations.


Change is the one constant thing in life and what varies is our response to it. Adaptability is the ability to be a perpetual optimist and exhibit extraordinary resilience in times of change.

An adaptable employee is a valuable employee – a successful employee. This is because they are able to anticipate changes in the work place and take appropriate action. They are open to finding diverse and innovative solutions to unexpected problems and challenges in the workplace.[3]


A self-motivated individual is one who has the internal drive to begin and continue tasks without having to be prodded or supervised. Successful Employees who are self-motivated succeed because they go above and beyond in their prescribed work, instead of settling and doing the bare minimum.[4]

Self-motivated employees get more work done and are top performers because they continuously work hard; there are simply no wasted hours. They are proactive and their work is of a higher quality.[5]

Self-motivated employees contribute greatly to the success of an organisation in so many ways. Motivated employees equal better results. Better results equal a better company. And a better company is one that will stick around for years to come.


Employees who have a positive can-do attitude are more likely to be successful. Having a good, positive attitude, along with positive thinking, at work will reflect on what you do and make you a more productive employee.[6]

Having a positive attitude can make it easier to cope with problems thus deal with challenges  more efficiently. Daunting tasks become more manageable because one can focus on their inner resilience to see the tasks through.

Your attitude is a form of expression of yourself.  You can choose to be happy, positive and optimistic, or you can choose to be pessimistic and critical, with a negative outlook on your workday.  A positive attitude helps you cope better under stressful situations at work.

In all this, remember that doing your best to achieve your full potential is a sure way to be successful. Take your work seriously and apply these few tips to reach the top of your corporate ladder.

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Mshimba Michelle

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