How Mismanaging Marketing Causes Many Startups To Fail (And How To Manage Marketing Better)

Startup failure is well documented. According to Matt Hirst, Partner at A venture studio that specializes in launching brands, one reason startups fail is because they undervalue the importance of marketing. This article provides insight on how to prevent this marketing problem.

Startups And Small Companies Could See Major Benefits By Hiring Gap Year College Students

For college students looking forward to the university experience, paying a hefty university price tag to sit in their parents’ living room or in an isolated dorm room and taking online classes is a potential disappointment. So, some students have opted for local community college classes this year, while others have decided to sit this year out and take a COVID-19 gap year.

Remote Work Is Here To Stay. Three Keys To Building High-Performing Virtual Teams

Five in 10 remote workers say they don’t want to go back to the office after COVID-19. Perhaps you don’t want to go back either. No matter how you feel, smart leaders know it’s time to stop thinking of working from home as a short-term solution to a temporary pandemic.

The Pandemic Has Accelerated And Spawned Trends That Startups And Small Businesses Can Leverage

It’s very rare that markets and consumers are all shifted in real time together. Normally, trends begin slowly, starting in a few industries and in micro segments of the population and then they grow over time. With the pandemic, there have been wholesale shifts in consumer behavior, which are rapidly driving new trends across multiple industries.

8 Thoughtful Ways To Remind Your Clients How Much They Mean To You

While running errands last year, I heard a squealing sound that warned me it was time to get my brake pads changed. When I tried to make an appointment, though, I was met with an unanswered phone. And when I finally got in touch with someone, they rudely told me it would be at least two weeks.

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