It’s a well-known ‘secret’ that talented, highly skilled employees are the biggest assets a company can have. One of the many reasons being the great ideas and incredible work ethic they contribute. For one or more reasons these employees may decide to leave their jobs and look for other opportunities. When good employees quit, their absence does not go unnoticed. Work productivity plummets and overall morale takes a hit. Not to mention the tedious recruitment process and the costs of training new hires. This is why it is important to ensure that these stellar employees are retained. Here’s a few reasons why good employees quit.


It’s a no surprise that if there is an issue with your management in the company, bad practices will eventually trickle down and affect the way employees perform. If your employees are constantly being overworked and micromanaged, their creativity is stifled. Furthermore, if they feel like they are not being heard or that their manager makes it difficult to work then they’ll leave.


However much you may value your employees, if you do not show them they are valued they won’t stick around. The fastest way a company can lose a valued employee is taking their efforts for granted.

Studies have shown that employees who feel their work is valued are more likely to stay in your employment than those who are simply paid more. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an excuse to underpay your employees in exchange for words of appreciation. Just be sure to let your employees know that their work matters and compensate them appropriately.


Enormous workloads and impossible deadlines are a guaranteed way to get good employees to abandon ship. Just because an employee is good at their job doesn’t mean that now they get to – or have to do all the work themselves. This gets old and tiring. If this practice becomes the norm, then at some point all you’ll be getting out of your employee is subpar work and a worn-out employee.


A part from being a part of a company and working to help the company succeed, employees also have professional and personal goals that they want to achieve. A good employer will enable this to happen by providing adequate compensation, promotions and opportunities to take on more responsibilities in the company. When an employee isn’t provided with opportunities to grow, they feel stuck and eventually they may lose motivation to keep working there.


An unhealthy work environment is one where the company culture does not fit with the employee’s ideals, work philosophy, and work ethic. This also includes abuse and bullying, an overall negative/hostile atmosphere of overworked and underpaid employees. These situations may frustrate an employee and cause them to leave in search of a company that better integrates with their personal goals and ideals.

As a manager, there will come a day; or there may have already been a few days when your top tier employees have handed in their resignation letters and left your company. As a manager, director or C-Level executive  you understand how important it is to attract and retain star employees. These are the top five reasons why your top employees may be leaving your company and what you can do to better your retention and boost productivity.

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