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Many of us would love to be promoted. Advancement usually means more influence, more money and more control over your day-to-day tasks – just to name a few perks.

But how do you get promoted? Isn’t it out of your hands?

Not really. Yes, the decision to be promoted is one your organisation ultimately has to make. But, by proactively pursuing a promotion, you drastically increase your chances.

So, what’s the best way to pursue a promotion?

  1. Be good at your job

This sounds obvious. But, if you aren’t performing at above-average in your job, it’s nearly impossible to be promoted. So, put your focus here first. But being good at your job isn’t enough – being good at your job just proves that you are good at your current job. To be promoted, you need to prove that you’d be good at a bigger job.The rest of the qualities demonstrate that.

  1. Know what you don’t know

No doubt being promoted adds a few more lines to your job description. Find out what’s required for the role and how you can fill in the gaps. In fact, your boss is the best resource to find out how best to improve. Try to look beyond the scope of the job requirements and consider what about your character you can also improve.

  1. Be invaluable

You were hired for a reason; this is likely due to your qualifications, experience and personality, so don’t be afraid of adding value to the organisation. You know what you’re talking about, so don’t be shy of voicing your opinion. CEOs need more than people who agree with them, they need people who speak up about the realities and challenges of the business and offer solutions to those problems.

  1. Look good, Feel good

When moving up in an organisation, confidence is non-negotiable. It might seem non-essential but dressing for the part is as important in preparing for the part. You’ll be representing your organisation in an even larger capacity and that means looking the part.

  1. Be in the inner circle

Having a good relationship with your superiors is an essential asset. Don’t be intimidated to talk to your CEO or ask your manager questions. Building a rapport throughout the company is an opportunity to network and understand the larger business needs. With understanding, you can add value in a way your competition cannot.

Further, being a trusted person within your company does not however mean always saying yes. Don’t take on more responsibility than you can handle. Gaining favour does not mean being a pushover to your superiors. For instance, if there’s an emergency and your boss needs you to work during your time off you should. However, if this emergency seemingly happens every weekend you should learn to say no.

  1. Titles are overrated, lead when you can

If you find yourself opting out of responsibility simply because it falls beyond your job description – think again. Leaders lead when the opportunity arises, not when they have a fancy title. The difference between those that get promoted and those who don’t is the initiative they take. Look for opportunities to shine and do what other have put off doing. Is there a filing cabinet that needs organising? Papers and receipts that need digitising? Unsurprisingly, solving the problems no one else will, gets you on your bosses radar! You’ll also find when you can identify the little tasks, the bigger ones are easier to see and solve.

  1. Know how to sell

Every organisation has a bottom line, and if you’re bringing in new business opportunities, you will always be seen as an asset. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been hired for marketing; it’s all about contributing in a bigger way. This doesn’t mean you need to be a walking billboard for your employer, but you should maintain a keen awareness of the opportunities that surround you, whether it’s a new client or a solution to an existing problem .

  1. Be comfortable with pressure

As expected, you need to be comfortable with stressors associated with the new position. Your superiors, will note how you respond to pressure and whether you can still perform. Furthermore, they’ll be interested in how you lead your team in these periods. It’s important you remain calm and collected when you experience stresses at your current job. Be honest with your boss about the situation but, give them a the plan you’ll use to deal with the work. This proves you can still make rational decisions that are good for the company even when you’re under pressure.

The standout employees are the ones who behave like leaders, even when their title is Intern. The irony is that when you’re more focused on the results than the promotion, your title will change faster than you can even imagine.

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